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Keeping your premises secure is an essential responsibility, but discrete service and great welcome is also important. Your front office security element should complement the welcome to your business. A great reception services should be complemented by an outstanding security experience and this is where we believe we can make a clear difference.

Our approach is to provide front of house services in line with the customer journey ensuring it is part of the workspace experience. Delivering a great reception service is critical to creating the right experience and the security presence should be part of this arrival process. Alongside this, we also deliver back of house security to ensure your buildings are monitored and protected at all times.

The Currentkleen journey is therefore all encompassing. The currentkleen approach is to map the customer journey from start to finish. A smile goes a long way. So by understanding that the first impression is so often made by the security guard at the entrance to your property, we can make sure that your people and visitors always feel that they are safe, secure and welcomed into your workspace.

With careful selection, vetting, training, management and monitoring, we can make sure your security always creates a first class welcome, whilst securing your business at all times. Security services provided as part of our contracts include; manned guarding, CCTV installation, car park management and access system.